By working in tandem with the highly credited and experienced marine legal firms we can negotiate and defend our clients’ interests, both before the courts and in pre-litigation disputes and whatsoever private and public issues between particulars and companies.

The range of services we provide in this area includes:

Yachts building

Building a yacht involves various parties. Misunderstandings and poor coordination can lead to projects being completed late or not as intended. We draft and negotiate on your behalf the terms and conditions of building contracts and all ancillary documentation such as, but not limited to, specifications, refund guarantees etc.

Ship arrest

Arrest of a vessel is part of the process by which an Admiralty Court gains jurisdiction over the subject matter of a lawsuit. These lawsuits are known as "in rem" actions meaning that the action is against a "thing" rather than a person.

Generally, the vessel itself is responsible for payment of liens, mortgages or any other maritime lien that may arise. When the owner encumbers a vessel with a First Preferred Ship's Mortgage, it is the ship that guarantees payment rather than the owner. However, the owner may separately contract a personal promise to pay or other type of guarantee to be personally liable.

Collision, salvage and recoveries

We can assist on technical matters, jurisdictional issues, and disputes arising out of collisions and groundings, fires, total losses, oil pollution, salvage, general average and limitation of liability.Our firm would be a perfect choice to assist in any co-ordinated international effort related to a casualty where the interested parties belong to multiple jurisdictions.

Policy disputes and drafting

We can advise underwriters, brokers and agents and asisst in negotiating policies and providing the right information on the essential aspects of your yacht insurance.


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