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Tailored ownership structures​

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive VAT and customs advisory specifically tailored to yacht and aviation related matters. Our exclusive focus enables us to excel in navigating European, VAT regulations applicable to yachts and aircrafts. We adeptly handle a spectrum of taxes, including customs, VAT, matriculation, transfer, and corporate tax. We craft bespoke ownership structures that not only optimize tax efficiency but also enhance operational effectiveness, If your cruising plans include EU territories.

Tax advisory and planning

Tax considerations permeate every aspect of yacht and aircraft procurement and operation. To pre-empt unforeseen financial setbacks linked to taxation, seeking tax advice is imperative. Effective tax planning is ideally formulated in advance, although we recognize instances where transactions may have transpired without proper consideration. In such cases, we stand ready to identify and mitigate tax risks to meet your specific needs.

Feel free to engage in discussions regarding your intended transactions, providing relevant draft agreements for a more nuanced understanding. This approach facilitates our assessment of your situation, allowing us to pinpoint pertinent tax implications and propose strategies to mitigate associated risks.

Ownership structure due diligence

Continuous due diligence is an essential part of securing yachts and aircrafts owning structures. There are many elements that can have a tax impact on a particular existing structure, from changes of residency status, changes in the way an asset is operated or changes in the tax regulations among others that might oblige to consider a potential restructuration.

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