Spanish update on pleasure yachting and international flights

As per the recent guidelines published on April 30th by the Spanish Directorate-General for Merchant Shipping, we are happy to inform you about the official standpoint regarding the lift of the current lockdown on yachting activity. The current guidelines are applicable to both private and commercial pleasure yachting activities.

The guidelines define the different kind of navigations allowed in each of the four phases established by the Spanish Central Government to resume normal economic activity.

*             Phase 0 (as of 4th May 2020) – No yachting activity is allowed. Under exceptional circumstances sports activities are permitted to individuals and only in the municipality where that person is resident and the boat is moored.  Owners may visit their yachts to check on safety and maintenance. Only one person can access on board, always complying with the Health and Safety Protocol, established by each marina.

*             Phase 1 (as of 11th May 2020 in the Balearic Islands – other regions subject to approval): Pleasure yachting permitted as a tourist or cultural activity with small groups on board. Same limitations imposed in Phase 0 regarding residence and geographical area of owners or guests apply.

*             Phase 2: Pleasure yachting permitted as a tourist or cultural activity, larger groups allowed on board; area limited to the province or island where the owner or guests are resident.

*             Phase 3: Pleasure yachting permitted as usual with no exceptional limitations, except those that apply under normal circumstances such as geographical limits or health and safety requirements.

The published guidelines clarify that chartering activities will be allowed from Phase 1, obviously taking in consideration the general restrictions in place regarding residence of users and guests.

Concerning the international movement of passengers arriving at Spanish airports, the current situation, as per Order INT/356/2020 of April 20th, which extends the measures adopted by the European Council on March 17th, is that at least until May 15th entry in Spain will only be granted to:

  • Spanish citizens
  • Residents
  • Cross-border citizens
  • People who prove reasons of force majeure
  • Diplomatic staff

Our company’s perspective on superyacht chartering is that the market will begin to recover in early July. We are relatively optimistic that the second part of the summer season -from mid-July until the very end of September, even October- will take place as usual. At this moment, the main market operators continue with their chartering licensing procedures at a good pace, which shows their confidence in the recovery of the market and good expectations on the development of events

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